Wayfinder Attribute: Integrity

Brittany Cass Feb 29, 2024
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Wayfinder Attribute: Integrity

Vital Attribute: Integrity

Integrity is at the very core of who we are as Wayfinders. Trust is earned over a long period of performance, but it can be shattered in one moment! Mistakes can happen, we know, but integrity really can shine through mistakes.

At Wayfinder, we lead through the hard places, we don’t hide from them!

We believe in honesty and transparency with our clients. Always choose to be honest and ACT with Integrity.

Continuous Improvement
The principle of continuous improvement, is fundamental to achieving and maintaining excellence, as demonstrated by the All Blacks, New Zealand’s rugby team. How do they stay the best in the world? It’s the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement! Imagine the impact if we each strive to be just 1% better every day. Every small step... Read more »
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Wayfinder Attribute: Intelligence
At Wayfinder, we believe in constant growth and learning. To explore intelligence in its many forms is important to us. We then apply our learning to our team, and the many relationships we have. We encourage you to continue to learn!
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One Bad Apple
What happens when you put a rotting apple in a bowl with fresh apples? The rest of the apples will start to rot. At Wayfinder Tax Relief, protecting our culture starts with who we hire. One bad apple can ruin the bunch. By carefully selecting individuals who align with our values of integrity and excellence,... Read more »
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