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When you join the Wayfinder A-Team you get to work with a hand-selected, amazing team of extraordinary human beings passionately engaged in the mission of providing unparalleled service and excellence in property representation through specialization.

Our work is our art. We pursue it with a relentless commitment to EXCELLENCE. And constantly strive to grow and improve.

We are not looking for the average or the norm…we seek the best.

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This is a special collection of human beings. Uniquely talented, expertly skilled and passionately dedicated, you bet. But they have that ‘something extra’… that magical enigmatic X-factor that can only be described as “heart”. They care—deeply and passionately: about their work, our mission and each other.
Founder and President
William Ryan, CPA, CMI
Director of Authenticity
Alyson Ryan
Director of Operations
Kaitlin Sobotka
Administrative & Marketing Analyst
Brittany Cass
Executive Assistant
Livy Dayton
Video Producer
Alex Browning
Growth Specialist
Jody Anderson
Tax Consultant
Jay Winterhalter

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