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The Wayfinder Guarantee
We guarantee to visit your properties annually and attend all hearings in-person or you won’t be charged a dime for our services*
What Drives Us

Our Story

We understand the frustration of high property taxes and the stress and worry about changing tax agents.

Agents may not perform, and it may reflect poorly on you. None of our clients are treated as just another number or checklist item. We build personal relationships with you and find out what you truly need and then we provide the solution. You can be confident that your properties are being visited and reviewed.

You may have even suffered from overly aggressive agents in the past that burned bridges with counties and gave your company a black mark. We work diligently to maintain and grow your company’s image in each market we represent while ensuring you receive the best possible tax situation.

Everything we do is founded on our core values of Integrity, Accountability, and Excellence.

Meet the leadership team

Founder and President
William Ryan, CPA, CMI
Vice President, Property Tax
Brendan Reeder, JD, MBA

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