PBAA 2019 Awards

William Ryan Feb 22, 2020
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PBAA 2019 Awards

Congratulations to all winners of the 2019 Permian Basin Apartment Association Awards. William Ryan of Wayfinder Tax Relief presented the awards at the Odessa Country Club on January 24, 2020.

Jayce Rodriguez- Manager of the Year

Renee Pocsik- Assistant Manager of the Year

Kasey Kessler- Leasing of the Year

Enrique Martinez- Maintenance Professional of the Year

Juan Rodriguez- Asst. Maintenance of the Year

Erma Rodriguez- Make Ready Tech of the Year

Yadira Galindo- Housekeeper of the Year

James Ditto- Groundskeeper of the Year

Roberto Martinez- Vendor of the Year

The PBAA is doing a wonderful job of promoting and growing a healthy multifamily industry in the Permian Basin.

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