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Job Description
Property Tax Agent

At Wayfinder tax Relief, LLC, we’re not just about reducing property taxes; we’re about making a tangible positive impact on the lives of our clients and the communities they serve. As our new Property Tax Agent, you’ll play a crucial role in building lasting relationships with clients, ensuring their best interests are served with unparalleled dedication and excellence.

Help them make a positive impact that makes a real difference in the world.

We offer a service that’s unmatched in the industry, personalized for each property, setting the stage for what could be your dream job.

What You Will Love To Do…
Impactful Work:

Help our clients significantly reduce their property taxes, making a real difference in their lives.

Building Connections:

Be generous with those you meet, always looking for ways to help others without expecting anything in return.

Autonomy and Support:

Enjoy the freedom to make decisions without the red tape of large corporations, backed by supportive team and management.

Focused Portfolio:

Manage a small but high-value property portfolio, allowing for personal visits and in-depth knowledge of each case.

Quality over Quantity:

edicate quality time to each case, ensuring better results without the pressure of handling a vast number of properties.

Service Opportunities:

Participate in service trips worldwide, contributing to lasting positive changes.

Personal and Professional Growth:

Receive support for your continual development, fostering both personal and professional growth.

High Ethics:

Offer a crucial service with integrity, ensuring peace of mind.

You’re The High Achiever We’re Looking For If…

You are self-motivated with a focus on assisting clients!

You have strong skills in both written and verbal communication.

You have a growth-mindset. Constantly seeking improvement and learning.

You are resilient. You thrive under pressure and display grit.

You are accountable. No excuses or blaming others. Just learning and improving.

You have a desire to be an exceptional Texas property tax agent.

You believe in hard-work and don’t have an entitlement attitude.

Ability to travel for site visits, hearings, meetings and events.


Better than competitive and unlimited growth opportunities.

Note: High-Achievers Only

This a highly coveted, 100% remote position is open only to A-
players. Those who are committed to the team’s success and
ready to play full out with us.

Are You A Wayfinder?

If you believe you’re the right fit, we encourage you to apply.
This could be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

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