Optimizing Multifamily Property Management Teams with the Kolbe A Assessment

Brittany Cass Apr 09, 2024
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Optimizing Multifamily Property Management Teams with the Kolbe A Assessment

Multifamily property management can be dynamic and very taxing, but having a cohesive and efficient team can make success a reality. Imagine a scenario where every member of your team operates seamlessly together, feels valued and thrives in their respective roles. It’s not just a fantasy – it’s entirely achievable. The challenge lies in finding the right people, but that is only part of the equation; ensuring they are placed in roles that align with their natural strengths is equally crucial. This is where tools like the Kolbe A Assessment come into play. Kolbe A offers invaluable insights into each team member’s innate problem-solving approach. This tool has been instrumental in our team success at Wayfinder and has enabled us to significantly expand our team and establish ourselves as the nation’s top-performing tax consulting firm in Texas. We are excited to empower you with the same ability to enhance your hiring and management practices with the Kolbe A assessments. 

Understanding the Kolbe A Assessment 

Kolbe A is not a personality test.  It focuses on conative abilities, or our natural operating modes when we are free to be ourselves.  The focus is on how an individual naturally tackles tasks that require work. It identifies four primary modes of operation: 

Fact Finder: This assesses how individuals gather and disseminate information. Those with high Fact Finder scores love to gather as much data as possible before making decisions. 

Follow Thru: Measures an individual’s propensity for organizing and structuring information and tasks. High Follow Thru scorers thrive in creating systems and processes, ensuring efficiency and order. 

Quick Start: Reflects an individual’s comfort level with uncertainty and risk. Those with high Quick Start scores are innovative and adaptable, often taking the initiative in fast-paced environments. 

Implementor: Evaluates how individuals handle tangible tasks and ideas. High Implementor scorers excel in hands-on work and construction, bringing practical skills to the table. 

Building a Dynamic Team 

Understanding each team member’s natural mode of operation can help you curate teams that complement one another’s strengths and mitigate weaknesses. For instance, for jobs that require a lot of research and detail, people with high Fact Finder scores will be energized by the work.  While roles focused on administration and processes would be a joy for people with high Follow Thru, and they would ensure projects stay on track and are executed efficiently. Those with high Quick Start scores could be strategically placed in creative departments such as marketing and sales, where innovation is key. 

Improving Team Culture 

Embracing and respecting the diverse work styles of each team member fosters a culture of appreciation and collaboration. Rather than viewing differences as obstacles, celebrate them as unique contributions to the collective success. Recognize that every individual brings valuable skills to the table, and by leveraging these differences, multifamily property management teams can achieve superior results. 


So, here’s the bottom line; in the competitive landscape of multifamily property management, a high-performing team is just as indispensable to your success as choosing the best tax agent possible. By harnessing the insights provided by the Kolbe A Assessment, property owners and managers can assemble a powerhouse team primed for success. This tool not only aids in team formation but also unlocks the full potential of each member, driving innovation, productivity, and ultimately, success. Embrace the opportunity to optimize your team and propel your multifamily property management endeavors to new heights. 

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