How Can I Prepare For a Site Visit?

William Ryan Dec 06, 2021
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How Can I Prepare For a Site Visit?

How can I Prepare for a Site Visit?

The Importance of Site Visits

It is truly impossible to overestimate the importance of site visits. For a tax agent to adequately represent a property, they need to have firsthand extensive knowledge of the asset. Without this knowledge, a property owner can never receive top-tier representation. As a property owner, there are a few preparations you should make before your site visit with your tax agent.

Step 1: Inform Your Staff of the Visit

For a site visit to go smoothly and effectively, the staff at the property needs to be aware of the tax agent’s visit. Moreover, the staff responsible for meeting with the agent must be knowledgeable and completely honest. A good agent asks hard questions for managers/owners to answer, and they need truthful responses. If the property is slipping off its foundation, the agent needs to know. If the property has plumbing issues every other day that require water to be shut off to the property, the agent needs to know. If the property has extensive water damage from leaky roofs, the agent needs to know! Your agent needs to know all the good and bad with your property so they can adequately fight for a fair valuation.

Step 2: Provide Financial Information

Next, be sure to prepare and provide your agent with the profit and loss statement for the property as well as unit statistics/rent rolls. As multifamily properties are income-producing, the ability of a property to produce income plays a significant part in its valuation.

Step 3: Be Prepared to Show a Vacant Room

So they can see what a unit looks like, be prepared to take your agent to a vacant unit. A good agent will want to examine the condition of the unit, its flooring material, countertops, appliances, and everything in between. All this information can play a crucial role in valuing your property. Note, however, that you need to show your agent a unit that is representative of the majority of the other units at the property. For example, if 90% of the units at the property have granite countertops, do not show your agent the unit with a Formica countertop.

And that’s it. Preparing for your site visit is quite simple and should make your visit that much quicker/effective. By following these simple steps to prepare for your visit with your agent, you are setting your appeal up for success.

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