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Wayfinder is here to help you find more value through your property. We want you to understand that the right tax agent can save you significant dollars on your largest annual expense, while the wrong agent might leave you with little value and a big headache.

The Property Agent Checklist is the tool you need to evaluate your current agent, or help you determine what you should be seeking in a new partner.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you visit my property?
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Simply stated, an agent cannot know the property effectively until they see it up close and personal. Many additional and specific questions about the property arise due to what is observed at an onsite inspection. Issues that could have a substantial impact on value are sometimes missed or overlooked when properties are not visited
Where do you specialize?
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We specialize in multi-family properties in Texas. Market specialization increases the quality of the results produced. Our former experience in a majority of the 50 states provides an excellent foundation for bringing proven concepts from other markets into our focused states
How do you guarantee my properties are given the attention they deserve?
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At Wayfinder, we carefully review each potential client before entering into any agreement to ensure that our company values and cultures are a good fit. Those we represent receive top notch service and understand that we act with only their best interests in mind. Furthermore, if accepting a potential client would jeopardize the service we provide to one or more of our valued and existing clients, we will decline the new engagement.

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