What difference could filing an appeal make on my property taxes?

William Ryan Sep 22, 2021
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What difference could filing an appeal make on my property taxes?

How Does Filing an Appeal Make a Difference on my Property Taxes?

Don’t assume that the Central Appraisal District is correct

What types of issues can be corrected by filing a protest?

One of the simplest reasons for filing a protest of your noticed value is to correct misinformation.  This could be from incorrect building size, land size, construction quality, ownership, or other reasons.  Additionally, contesting the noticed value can allow you to provide property-specific facts that are not accounted for in the mass appraisal valuation method, and thereby change your taxable value.  

Is the system set up for me to fail?

Texas has a wonderful property tax system that is designed to ensure taxpayers are heard.  Part of this process revolves around evidence supporting the noticed value. As a taxpayer, you need to prepare and bring your own evidence, but unlike most other states, the Appraisal District is not presumed to be correct at your hearing. 

Under the Texas Tax Code §41.43(a) the Appraisal District bears the burden of proof to support their value.  In other words, they need to prove why the value they set is accurate.  This unique system is not set up for you to fail.  Come with evidence supporting the correction you are seeking and present your case before the Appraisal Review Board.

How does any of this make a difference to me?

Your Texas property tax bill is determined from your taxable value multiplied by the tax rate.  When you protest the noticed value and the result is a reduced valuation, your tax bill will be lower.  Additionally, under Uniform and Equal provisions, others can be helped by your protest.  Placing checks and balances on government taxation and overreach is a freedom we hold dear in this country.  While we are subject to property taxes, filing an appeal of your valuation is one way you can exercise your freedom to ensure that you are not being overtaxed.  

Here is an example of just what protesting your taxes can look like to you.


The noticed value was $2 million and after the taxpayer’s appeal the value was reduced to $1.5 million.  The tax rate in the jurisdiction is 2.5%.  The $500,000 reduction in the noticed value would reduce the taxpayer’s property tax bill $12,500.

Wayfinder offers taxpayer representation and assistance

If understanding and filing your own protest feels overwhelming and complicated, don’t worry.  Wayfinder’s property tax experts offer personalized service to know your properties and help you achieve the lowest legal value for your property.  We help liberate capital for our clients so they can do what they do best without stress.

See how Wayfinder can help


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